Multidimensional thinking of life

Multidimensional thinking of life! We are on the way to the endless and speechless journey! Determine what you ‍want to do?

….Dr Md Akhtaruzzaman ; 27th July 2020

➽All of we are  on the way to the endless and speechless journey to the unknown destination with huge questions.

➽From where did we came from, where  will we go, it’s a wonder or miraculous!

➽Religion is saying one thing, science is another.

➽We are in a dilemma!

➽But death is inevitable! We must have to come a decision either like a believer or like an atheist 

➽Life is short but we have to move forward more and more.

Some of my Suggestions & Advices on the way to life:

 ➽Opportunity does not come again and again.
➽Some of your words, a phone call or your request may be  lot for someone. So utilize your opportunity.
➽You may be trusted, saluted and loved by many people doing something small.
➽If you do something for someone selflessly, you will be benefited one day.
➽Leave something good for the future.
➽Make yourself credible to others.
➽As much as there are problems with speaking, or writing something ; therefore be  restrained yourself  in speaking and writing.
➽As long as you have breathe, you must be optimistic not to be pessimistic.
➽ Criticize yourself not to other

➽ Find your ugly area within yourself.

➽ Ask yourself what type of man you are!

➽ Avoid hypocrisy, reveal what you are.

➽ Judge for yourself in the court of your own conscience & give neutral verdict.

➽ Take your important decision with a combination of conscience and emotion

➽ Apply correctly your id, ego & super ego.

➽Think neutrally about all of your actions, activities, words, movement and thinking of the day before going to bed at night. If you see any problem, try to find  a way to overcome it.

➽ Turn yourself better by changing your bad habits, attitudes, actions, activities, words, movement and thinking and so on. Remember it doesn’t cost money to be a good. Your willpower is enough to be a good man.

➽It doesn’t cost money to be a good one. Your strong  willpower is enough to be good man.

➽ One cannot change oneself without firm commitment or strong determination.

➽ Apply your strong will force to quit intoxication and other bad habits.

➽Mind it, apparent honest man is not always good man.

➽ Make yourself credible to others.

➽ Leave something memorable for the future.

➽ Learn from the past also consider the experiences of elite peoples.

➽Find your mistake and learn from your mistakes.

➽ Follow behavior,  etiquette & mannerism, wherever and whichever necessary.

➽ Help others with your knowledge, skills and qualifications. This is the gift from Almighty Allah.

➽ Express your gratitude and reciprocation to the concern.

➽ Keep away from ungrateful and super ungrateful people.

➽ Keep yourself busy  within in sound and perfect recreation. The consequences of ill entertainment are fatal!

➽ Always be smile .

➽Cry loudly whenever necessary to reduce your grief & sorrow.

➽ Unexposed pain is very painful. Expose your mental pain to your closest one.

➽ Interest & money related friendships mean living with the enemy.

➽ Switch over your problems into a possibilities.

➽ Assign your goals for success. Keep dream in your mind and implement the dream and expose your dream to others.

➽ Say no to debt or loan.

➽ Maintain disciplined life. There is a separate peace in disciplined life.

➽Don’t say procrastination and laziness.

➽ Give up abandonment & lame excuse.  Thousands of  arguments can be made for not doing a work but one argument is enough to perform a particular job.

 ➽ There are very few people to whom you can  rely on. Better to mitigate your own problems by yourself.

➽ Start your day with anticipation; may be this is the last morning of your life. Inevitable death may come at any time.

➽ Don’t make rigid promise. Because with time, one can never be rigid in the way ahead.

➽Be prepared mentally for severe crisis. Danger will never give you signals. Mitigate your danger with patience.

➽ Stay away from idiots. An educated enemy is better than an uneducated friend.

➽ The wise man know he doesn’t know  anything, but the fool knows every things.

➽ Stay away from the ultra-smart hypocrites one.

➽ Remember the golden past days before ending a friendly or conjugal  relationship.

➽It is not good to be angry.

➽Don`t   get invite to depression. Get rid of frustration.

➽Sufferings are our innate mandate, adjust with sufferings, make life happier and keep yourself free from worries.

➽Knowledge is power. Try to acquire  knowledge as much as you can.

➽ Be smart in your actions, activities, movement and behavior.

➽ At the time of talking, notice yourself whether you have a bad breath and bad smell in your mouth or not? It will tarnish a lot your personality .

➽ Speak normally, not loudly or softly.

➽ Refrain from private conversations with respectable people with new relationships.

➽ In all cases, speak respectfully to the girls.

➽ Talk as much as you need. Talk with smile

➽ Maintain etiquette at the time of taking food  & tele-communication.

➽ Do make the toilet and basin dirty. This is also part of etiquette.

➽ Keep elegant haircuts and mustaches. Here is the expression of your personality too.

➽Do not cool the tea by mouth blowing while drinking tea.

➽Talk to your incumbent  slowly and sincerely looking into his/her eyes.

➽ Listen carefully to what others have to say, and give feedback nicely.

➽ Learn ICT Knowledge. Irrespective of your  profession if you don’t have a minimum knowledge of information technology, every step you will be in trouble.

➽ The language of the imaginary world is English, so if you want to involve yourself into virtual world, you must have to know good English. Therefore, learn English well. Remember that it does not take much talent to learn any language including English.

➽ Achieve eloquence in front of huge audience. To speak well is one of your special quality.

➽ Keep your clothing , residence and workplace tidy. Your mind will be better.

➽Do your work in time. Give importance to time. Bind your time by your own ways, so that time does not bind you.

➽ Time management is essential .

➽As a believer  leave everything to the Creator and seek Almighty’s help. If you are atheist offer everything to the nature or destiny.

➽ Take decision into cool brain.

➽ Always be happy in mind with what you got at present. Because the next day what will happen is quite uncertain!

➽ Accept honestly what you got after long efforts; think this is your destiny.

➽ Rely on the future, because no one can interfere it.

➽ Make the right decision by verifying the ill words received from others.

➽ Build up yourself gathering knowledge, experiences and actions.

➽ Eat and sleep precisely.

➽ Adhere to hygiene and health life style.

➽  Don’t think  anyone weak. The weaker can become strongest by using the strength of strong one.

➽ If you have a creativity or innovativeness, people will have to resist you. Still, continue to practice knowledge by applying your talents.

➽ Try to learn real knowledge. Get out yourself from the shortcut. The new generations’ new ideas are just a shortcut. It’s undesirable!

➽ Offer proper honor to the respectable people.

➽ There is no enjoyment in disrespecting honorable people.

➽ Get your work. Promote your own work. Promotion tends to exploration. Happiness lives into works not into laziness.

➽ As long as you breathe, involve yourself to work by using the exuberance of youth.

➽ Be Compartmentalize your brain for multi-tasking.

➽ There is mental peace in moving forward by struggle.

➽If there is strong will force, there is no age restriction, no problem of home, abroad, wealth and finances.

➽ Root of everything is firm determination

I am a great fool!

➽Sometimes I noted myself that I understand  few human psychology , nevertheless I  confidently says, “I am fully unable to recognize the minimum  characteristics of human beings. I don’t know who is my closest well wisher and who is distal one“.
➽To whom I have a enough  confidence, in the course of time I see that particular well wisher turns himself against me up to 360 degree angle.

➽Suppose, you are doing a lot to a particular person or your well wisher, but due to valid or definite reason if once you fail to do something for him/her; instantly that person will starts your negative criticism, seriously. All of your  lifelong receipts will go to the water!

➽I have seen the dangerous characteristics many of my so called well wishers.
➽New Netizen are more frightening! They feel enjoyment insulting senior citizen.
➽No. of ungrateful people are increasing! There is a Bengali word Kritogno (কৃতঘ্ন), I don’t find the actual English word of Kritogno (কৃতঘ্ন). In my opinion its meaning may be superior ungrateful. I think this word is true for Bangali only. We are the generation of Mir Jafar(Syed Mir Jafar Ali Khan Bahadur. Mir Jafar served as the commander of Bengali forces under Siraj ud-Daulah, the Nawab of Bengal, but betrayed him during the Battle of Plassey and succeeded him after the British victory in 1757. Mir Jafar remains a controversial figure in Indian history and became a symbol of intimate betrayal or treachery among Bengalis) and Khondaker Mostaq. (Historians and critics assert that Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad was one of the key plotters of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s murder. He is also criticized for legitimizing political murders by protecting Mujib’s killers.He is also known to be responsible for the killing of the 4 National leaders, among whom were the former Prime Minister of Bangladesh Tajuddin Ahmed and Captain Muhammad Mansur Ali, and former interior minister A. H. M. Qamaruzzaman on 3 November 1975 inside the Dhaka Central Jail, commemorated as Jail Killing Day by the Awami League today).

➽On the other side no. of dependable and credible people are decreasing.

➽We are enough busy by ourselves! We don’t have time to share few time to another or other.
➽First Bengali Noel Laureate R N Tagore says, It is sin to lose faith on human being.(Manuser uporey biswas harano pap: ‘Shavattar Sangkat’ : Literature 1941). But if Tagore were alive now he will positively withdraw  his such eternal words. Therefore he said with the painful mentality in his poem, “Shavattar Proti”(19 Chaitra 1302 Bengali yera: 125 years back)

Give back the forest, take the city,

Take as much iron as you can, wood and stone
O new-civilization! O cruel omnivore…

(দাও ফিরে সে অরণ্য, লও এ নগর,

লও যত লৌহ লোষ্ট্র কাষ্ঠ ও প্রস্তর

হে নবসভ্যতা! হে নিষ্ঠুর সর্বগ্রাসী…)

➽Baul poet Shah Abdul Karim therefore rightly said, “What a beautiful day I used to spend ….” (আগে কী সুন্দর দিন কাটাইতাম!)
➽Science has taken away our emotions offering us speed.

My pain, sorrow & grief:

➽I am running around 60. I came this part of life passing enormous ups and downs.

➽I never want  anyone get  slightest trouble with my actions, words and behavior. Nevertheless,  even though anything happens, that’s my destiny, nothing else.
➽I try my best to make sure that none can get minimal chance to criticizes me;  yet when I get  fabricated meaningless negative criticism, then I feel pain.
➽ I have been abused & insulted repeatedly by my good behavior & mentality.

➽ To whom I am bound by the bond of love and affection, once they have hurt me a lot.
➽I must have pay everyone’s vanity of their own, but none will honor my pride or vanity.
➽Human being is the best creature of the creation, on the contrary, they are the worst creature.
➽Therefore I am hopeless I am helpless.
➽ Self criticism in now loosing concern.
➽Most of person thinks,  I am perfectly alright!
➽Even after committing hundreds of misdeeds, he thinks himself as a washed of basil leaf.
➽I am always afraid with hypocrite!
➽Good deeds tends to make enemies.  

➽So my utmost assessment of life is that “we came alone, we will go to last destination alone and within visible time we are fully alone”

My achievement:

➽Within these vulnerable situation I got a lot. Therefore I am Quite happy.

➽I got unexpectedly more from the expected ones.

➽People tried to harass me but could not.

➽Almighty saved me by his own.

➽Finally I got the real judgment that I deserved.
➽I never despair of remembering the Almighty Allah!

➽Finally I should say according to the few lines of famous song of  Indian Bangali singer Late Hemanta Mukhopadhyay , ‘Oh, my mind is happy with what I got…(Ogo ja payachi seitukutay khushi amar mon)