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I am Dr Md Akhtaruzzaman, an Agriculturist from, Kushtia, Bangladesh. Now I have been working as a senior government officer (Bangladesh Civil Service of 8th Batch) at Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), under Ministry of Agriculture. My present posting place is at Department of Agricultural Extension, Meherpur  as  Deputy Director.This is exclusively my personal website.

I was born in the first part of sixties decade of last century in a remote village Durbachara under Kushtia Sadar Upazilla. After successful completion of SSC (Science) from Kushtia Zilla School in 1978, HSC(Science) from Kushtia Government College in 1980, B.Sc. Ag(Hons)& M.Sc(Ag) Entomology from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh in 1984, 1985 respectively, BCS examination(8th) of 1986, I joined in government service as a member of BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) Agriculture on 20.12.1989. Till this day I am continuing the service of this cadre.

This website would give you a sound idea regarding my knowledge, skills, opinions, philosophy of life style, formula of happiness, religious learning etc. This website has also included ravages of Drug Addiction & its remedy , Teenagers problems & solutions, Lesson of morality, Health oriented features, Life oriented articles, Agricultural information, Archive  of general knowledge, Favorite and Important videos ,Photographs etc. This website has a clear indication about the happy life having our own available resources. This online site provided enough spaces for my dear most friends & well wishers. The life style of my friends, their success, remarks/opinions, photographs, videos, documents everything will be uploaded here with topmost priority & patience in the particular selected areas for them. This is  my personal archive, as well. Utmost  efforts have been made to compile all the wave of my life’s river.

Above all ‘Agriculture’ & ‘Information Technology’ are the topmost priority sectors of the present Awami government, therefore the existing Awami  government is called agriculture and information technology friendly government. In recent years the government of Bangladesh has instructed seriously to follow ‘Government Performance Management System’ at each and every offices so that people can get more services without interruption as well as time cost and visit are minimized drastically. Proposed personal website has been prepared by the unique integration of ‘Agriculture’ & ‘Information Technology’. Gradually more and more innovation ideas will be included here. This site will fulfill huge desire and needs ‍ of diversified viewers. Once it will be evolved as a site of ‘multi in one’. This personal web link will also fulfill the visitors’ educational issues, also a lot of entertainment .

Hopefully in near future, this site will be updated considering the suggestions of my dear most friends and well wishers. If you have any comments for updating this website, please send your comments to the email no. Your opinions & suggestions will be cordially accepted & your life oriented features will be published here with priority. Your advises will be very much helpful to present this website successfully. Please use this website by yourself and tell others to use the site.

To speak the truth, I spare no pains to present neutrally all database here, in spite of that if anybody feels mental pain for any information presented here, I ask your cordial apology. I am also committed to rectify those criticized and controversial databases from this website.

S M Kamruzzaman, my younger brother, a information technologist and this co-workers have helped to design, domain registration and hosting of this website.Special technical assistances for designing this website were given by Nextech Ltd. and the famous Internet Service Provider (ISP), BDCom Online Ltd is maintaining the prime responsibility of this site including its hosting. I am grateful to these two organizations. Responsibility to maintain this website, has been offered upon my younger brother (S M Kamruzzaman),in absence of me.

English Info, the last menu bar of this personal website, is exclusively for the foreign friends of different languages other than Bangla.

This is really very hard task to maintain this huge personal website, nevertheless, I will keep my all possible effort to make it visitors nugget. Hopefully your all sorts of cooperation will facilitate to move forward. I am eagerly waiting for your well thought valuable comments.

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